Old Door Upcycle Ideas That Are Easy To Make

Upcycling an old or unused object in the house can be a fun project to do. Because you can get a new decoration in the house without spending a lot of money. One of the unused objects in the house that you can use is an old door. Usually, people will just get rid of old wood doors that can’t be functioned anymore. However, there are many old door upcycle ideas that you can make from them. So, if you have one at home, keep it and see what you can make it from it.

An old door may seem like a scrap and garbage to some people. However, if you can think a bit creative you can make something new from the door. In fact, with just a door you can get a table, hanger and even decoration for the house. All you need to do is upcycle, redesign and remake it. So, what other things can you make from an old door? Well, check out this old door upcycle ideas that you can make on your own:

1. Rusty Desk

Believe it or not, but from a door, you can make your rusty table for your family room. Whether you like a long or small table, you can still make them from old doors. If you are planning to have a long table, then use the door as the top of the table. Then the bottom part can be supported with small woods to make it stand. Or if you want a smaller kind of table, cut the woods into small pieces and adjust it with the size of the room. Then assemble them to make a square and be a table.

2. Hanging Table

Another way to function an old door is by making it as a hanging-table. You can put this table in your backyard while playing with your friends. Make a hole in the edge of the door and put in a rope in each hole. Then hang them on the ceiling to make the door hanging and use it as a table. If you want to make this idea, make sure that your ceiling is not too high.

3. Hanger for Keys – Jackets

Make your creative hanger from an old door inside your house. Rather than buying a hanger for your coats and key, use an old door as the base. Put some nails or hanging accessories on each side of the door. Don’t forget to cut the door as the size of the hanger that will fit your house. To make the hanger a bit more interesting add some paintings on it.

4. A place for your Plants

If you find a difficult time in placing your plants, then use an old door as the hanger. All you need is an old door, nails, and wires to hold the plants. Cut the door into square shapes a put them against your wall or fence. Then put the nails in the middle of the door so that you can put enough plants inside. Then wire the pots and plants on the nails.

5. Home-made Shelve

One of the old door upcycle ideas that you can try making is a homemade shelve. If you have a long door, then cut the door into two, but make it long. Then connect these two parts in a v shape, so each edge should meet each other. Then for the shelves, you can put up some unused woods from the bottom to the top.

These old door upcycle ideas are simple to make and they are useful for the house. They can also be a decoration for the house, especially if you like rusty designs. So, if you have something rusty in the house don’t throw it but try to make something new from it.