Kitchen Lamp Design Idea for Modern Design

For some people, the kitchen is an important part of the house. It is as essential as the bedroom. Here you can spend time on your creativity. If you are typically a person like this, then you should concern to room’s element. One of the points is the lighting. Besides it plays a role in your eyes, the lighting can give a certain impression. Thus, you might need this article because we want to discuss the kitchen lamp design idea to make a modern look.

The reason why we choose a modern look because you can enhance the existing design. You don’t need to do the grand renovation. Just a little touch in several details, then everything will be more delightful. Because playing with lighting is like a trick. Also, modern design doesn’t require a wide area. If you only have a small kitchen, you are able to do the same thing. Check what we have below about kitchen lamp design idea for your inspiration:

1. Ceiling Light

This lighting is usually installed in the living room. But if you want to try a different thing, why don’t you just put it in the kitchen? Moreover, this lighting idea is budget-friendly. When the light bulbs pointing in several different spots, you are lighting almost the whole area. Your kitchen will be upgraded to a modern look with a minimalism sensation.

2. Under the Cabinet

The real tricky idea is placing a light under the cabinet. Today there are many styles for this lighting design. If you want to apply it, but the light in the front cabinet. We don’t recommend you install on the part which against the wall. A dimmer is also good, so you can get depth and dramatize the effect. This idea helps you to save energy too.

3. Black Pendant

A modern style sometimes is shown by a simple concept. Thus, black is often used to picture it. The black pendant light is not only suitable for a farmhouse kitchen, if you want to design a modern look will be okay too. You might need a professional hand to install the lamps. Because you need to make sure that the length and the position are right and equal among the lamps.

4. Hanging Bulbs

The other way which is budget-friendly for a modern look is by changing the bulbs. This is also the solution when you want to update the look whenever you want. You just need to hang the bulbs from cords, then wrapped it across the pole. The final look will be a modern industrial touch. Surprisingly, it is easy to do even without professional help.

5. Reclaimed Light Design

Do you want several looks at the same time? Then, do this design, so you can have a modern look and vintage kitchen at one. Find the reclaimed pieces that can be changed into the lights. If there is nothing to use around, go to the flea market or DIY store. There are a lot of things there which help you to make this idea comes true.

If you want to know more about how lighting is very important, then psychology says it can influence your mood. That is why you should try at least one of the kitchen lamp design ideas above. Make your spot and serve your masterpiece to beloved family and friends.