Brilliant Kitchen Hack For Cleaning Microwave In A Short Time

Microwave is sure one of the many tools people mostly use for their daily needs in the kitchen. By using it every day, the inside of the microwave should also be cleaned every day. However, this seems quite hard and taking too much time for some people. Therefore, rather than having to clean it all the time, you can try some brilliant kitchen hack for cleaning microwave. These hacks will only take a few minutes, but your microwave can become clean and shiny within just minutes. 

kitchen hack for cleaning microwave

Cleaning the microwave can be a hard task especially if the mess is dry and leaves a trace. Usually, people will have to scrub over to make sure that the mess is gone. However, with some brilliant hacks, you don’t need to scrub many times to clean the mess. So, try a kitchen hack for cleaning microwave in your kitchen:

1. Window Cleaner

For those who have window cleaner at home, spray a bit of it on a towel. Usually, these kinds of cleansers can help clean the microwave in a very quick time. Just make sure after using this, you clean the inside of the microwave again using hot water so it safe to use. 

2. Lemon

The first way you can get rid of the grease, oil and the smell inside the microwave is using lemon. All you need to do is squeeze some parts of the lemon into a bowl. Make sure the bowl is a microwave-safe bowl because you will be putting it inside later. Next, mix the lemon with one teaspoon of water. Put the bowl in the microwave in high power for one minute. The water will splash around the microwave and this is the process where it will get rid of the mess. 

3. Baking Soda

If some food spills on the floor of your microwave for days, then clean it up with baking soda. Mix a small amount of baking soda (depending on the amount you want to clean) with some water. Then paste the baking soda on to the microwave where you want to clean it up. Let the baking soda cover the mess overnight/ the next day. Then scrub the baking soda with a wet sponge to clear all the mess. 

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the brilliant kitchen hack for cleaning microwave that you should try is using apple vinegar. This ingredient can help clean up dried grease and left-over foods from your microwave. Mix the vinegar with one tbsp of sugar without any water. Then spread it on the stain and leave it for around 15 minutes. The stain will loosen up and be easily removed with a tissue or wet sponge. 

5. Salt

If some liquid spills on the microwave plate and making a trace on it, then use some salt. Mix the salt with very little water and spray it on the plate. However, make sure to spray on the plate when it is not hot or you can burn yourself. After spraying it, you can easily wipe it off using a tissue. This hack can also be done for stovetop, so go give it a try. 

Microwave is usually using to heat up and cook food, therefore it is best to use non-chemical ingredients. Therefore, even if we leave some lefts up it will still be safe if it gets mixed in the food. So, it is better to choose the kitchen hack for cleaning microwave that uses food ingredients because of it safer.