Kitchen Decor With Plants That Are Easy To Imitate

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. A place is a place for preparing food for families morning, noon and even night. So it’s not wrong to do a little decoration in this room. The following are some kinds of kitchen decor with plants to give a natural feel.

1. Bohemian Style

Bohemian is suitable for people who like chic and hippie styles. For this decoration, you can add tablecloths or rugs with unique Bohemian motifs. Try to use non-flashy paint colors like mustard or mint.

This style will be very suitable to be combined with living plants. You can do this by placing plants in pots at the top of the kitchen, near a window, on a table, even on the refrigerator. That way the kitchen will look chic but can still give a natural feel.

2. Greenhouse Style

kitchen decor with plants can further use the greenhouse design. Greenhouses are synonymous with plants so it is not wrong to use them as inspiration in decorating the kitchen. In this design will require a lot of windows, and also a variety of plants.

Use plants in pots as decorations either on the dining table, near the cupboard, or near the door. And more recommended as a white color in this type of kitchen to give the impression of a greenhouse filled with light.

3. Kitchen Connection with the Garden

Many people use this style because it is innovative and interesting to try. The garden will usually be made separate from the kitchen because the kitchen tends to be messy and dirty.

However, the existence of the park would give an aesthetic impression on the kitchen and make others interested in seeing it. This kitchen is made semi-outdoor with additional plant accents on pots that can be made above the walls of the room.

4. Landscape

Next to the kitchen decor with plants is a landscape style. This style will involve many plants that can be used as inspiration for this decoration. What is special about this style is that it has a landscape character that can be enjoyed by all human senses.

For this reason, plant elements will be needed to give a relaxing impression. Mix and match plants in certain places with other objects that have ethnic elements such as wood. That way the kitchen feel will be more soothing and pleasant.

5. Brick Wall

Integrating bricks with plants is a good combination. To decorate the kitchen with plants can be by adding a brick wall on one wall in the room. People will not run out of ideas to arrange plants in the room.

For example, you can put a flower pot on the wall and arrange it in such a way that is easy to see. Or you can also put a few small pots at the end of the kitchen table or window. And a jar with a fairly large plant in the corner of the room.

That was 5 examples of kitchen decor with plants that can be imitated. All of these styles can be chosen as a reference to decorate a mediocre kitchen to be extraordinary. Especially with this plant will add an elegant and cozy impression that makes women feel at home for long in the kitchen.