Interior Decor for Apartments with Limited Space

Choosing a place for living is not as easy as you think, even though it is not for the long-term, the place must make you comfortable. No matter for having rest or working. If you want to live in the middle of the city, finding a house will be more difficult. Thus, many people finally decide to live in an apartment. In this article, you will find the interior decor for apartments that fits for limited space.

When you only have a small apartment or we can say a studio, you need to be creative. Think about efficiency in every room. Make sure each spot has a purpose or at least gives you a value. Also, don’t put so many things inside the room, unless you won’t move anywhere. To make your mind clearer, here are our tips about the interior decor for apartments as a small comfy place:

1. Sleeping Spot with Storage Compartment

The first thing to think in every living place is the bedroom. It is where you are as your real-self. So, even though your apartment is not very wide, you still can create your own space. Today many furniture designed for only a small spot. Surprisingly, the bed is combined with cabinets. It gives you advantages, one of them is making your room more efficient. No need many cupboards for your belongings.

2. Choose the Right Colour

Be careful when you are painting the wall. Several colours give a certain impression, such as white for lighter and wider, orange for warmer, and many more. As our suggestion, avoid the dark and warm colour because it potentially makes the room feel smaller. Also, the painting could be supported with the right lighting too. So, it is important to focus on colour.

3. Sliding Staircase

Some people play tricks for the interior design, for example, designing the bedroom above the living room. To make the room is more efficient, use a sliding staircase. This won’t spend your space. Contrarily, you will have a flexible room. If you want to save your budget more, choose the wooden staircase. It could be your interior theme at the same time.

4. Use the Entrance Door

Sometimes people forget to use the entrance door. They let this space as an empty part. In fact, if you maximize this part, you will have an extra functional room, such as a reading room, sitting area for friends, or even the bedroom. When you have a folding wall bed, the entrance door will be the best part to be your bedroom.

5. Install Mirror as a Trick

Besides the wall colour, you can play a trick by using a mirror too. This would make the room looks wider than you imagine before. Also, your guests won’t realize that you have limited space. The mirror will help you with its optical trick. Just pick the right design and put where you want to show as a wider spot.

Interior decor for apartments in small size is not hard. The key is you really understand what your concept, so you can explore more the accessories, furniture, and other elements. Once you pick the right stuff, then your small apartment will be the coziest place ever.