Half Bath Design Ideas For Your Unique Bathroom

When you are planning to build a house, don’t forget to make at least one a half bathroom. It is a room that similarly to a bathroom, but without a bathtub or shower. Only a sink and toilet inside, even some people add more items, such as a small compartment, decorative lamp, and many more. That is why, if you ask the property marketer, a half bath design could increase the value of the house. Do you want to try to make one? Read this article because there are half bath design ideas that can improve your living space.

Half bath design ideas

Actually, there is no strict size for the half bathroom. But many homeowners set 15 inches from the toilet to the nearest wall. However, you can adjust based on the size of objects inside and how many things you put too. Besides the toilet and the sink, you need to think about the door too. If the door opens into the room, it will bother someone to enter. But it results in the same thing while the door opens to the opposite side. Thus, sometimes a pocket door is the solution, even though you must do several efforts. See the half bath design ideas below as your plan inspiration:

1. Use Wallpaper for the Wall

There is nothing more powerful in a simple way than using the wallpaper. Choose the design that fits with your life breathe. But, remember, because the half bathroom is a small room, you must consider several designs. The right pattern will transform this room into a lovely spot. Also, choose the water-resistant wallpaper to overcome the water splashing.

2. Choose a Stunning Tile

We know that tile is an issue in building a house. It is one of the cost factors. But, since this room is not really big, why don’t you make a stand out one? You can choose a graphic pattern or unique color and look for this. Install from the floor to the ceiling. If your budget is tight, use the less costly tile for the floor.

3. Don’t Put an Ordinary Mirror

The other thing that might this room great is the mirror. We don’t suggest you use the ordinary mirror, because a mirror is a thing that catches people’s attention. Today there are lots of unique mirror frames. It would be more interesting if you combine with the artistic lamp beside it.

4. Install the Functional Lighting

Continue from the previous number is talking about lighting. Lighting is not important for the convenience, but also for the whole ambiance. A pendant lighting is good to welcome someone in warm. But try to combine it with a brighter and cooler light. This is a good idea to make a certain mood inside.

5. Set Visual Interest

Make the room feel fresher or more modern by putting some interest, such as pictures, a vase of plant, or anything. You can go with the symmetrical look, for example, put the hanging lamp on both sides. Or, you can also try to hang a painting on one wall. When you do this, adjust the accessories with the room theme.

A half bathroom is not only a toilet. If you explore the use of it, this room gives multiple benefits. Hopefully, the half bath design ideas above can ease your plan, so you have a unique spot inside your house.