Make DIY Playthings for Toddlers at Home to Play & Have Fun

Toddlers are small kids that have big energy, active, and easy to get bored. Therefore, parents must be creative and think of ways on how to play with them even inside the house. Rather than buying the games or new toys, why not create some DIY playthings for toddlers at home.

These days, there are many DIY playthings ideas available online that parents can apply. Not only are they easy to apply but also educative and easy for the kids to play. Choose ideas that are easy and don’t need complicated materials. Here are some creative DIY playthings for toddlers at home parents can try:

1. Brush your Teeth Board

Teach toddlers the importance of brushing their teeth by making a brush your teeth board. You can use a reused board or any other paper that is a bit hard. Then on this board, draw or paint a picture of teeth and cover them with a plastic paper. Color the parts of the teeth with black markers and make your kids erase or brush them. This play board will teach your kids what will happen if they don’t brush their teeth.

2. Sensory Board

Make a sensory board for toddlers to increase their sensor touch. Make this playboard from a piece of wood or plywood then install small equipment on it. Use unused things inside your house like a telephone, clock, calculator, lamp, and many others. These small unused things can help toddlers increase their sensory touch.

3. Fishing Game

One of the DIY playthings for toddlers at home is a fishing game. Make a small fishing game by filling a small container with a small-medium size rubber. For the fishing rod, you can use a long straw and make the edge to catch the rubber as the fish. This game will teach toddlers to be detail and patient at the same time.

4. Put the Sticks In

 To increase toddler’s motoric skills, make a toy where the toddlers put things inside. All you will need is some ice cream sticks & can or jar. First, decorate the outside of the can by painting or covering it with a paper. Then, for the top part, make small holes as the size of the stick you will be using. You can also decorate and color the sticks to make them look more interesting.

5. Sticky Balloon / Ball

Another easy game to train toddlers sensory is playing sticky balloon. For this game, all you need is a wall, sticky tape, and balloon or ball. Stick the balloons on a wall where the toddlers can reach them. Then, provide a small place for them to put the balloons in. It is better to use a balloon as it will be harder for them to get.

So, with these simple games, parents can still have fun with their toddlers even though at home. Playing these DIY playthings for toddlers at home is not only affordable but practices their sensory and motoric skills. However, to make sure they play the game right, make sure to guide them throughout the game.