Affordable DIY Decoration Ideas For Nursery Rooms

Decorating the house is always fun and interesting to do. However, decorating and searching for ideas for a nursery is even more fun and challenging at the same time. A nursery room is a room where the baby will be staying and spending most f its time. Therefore, it is sure that all parents will want the best decoration for their nursery. However, parents do not need to worry because it is not always expensive and hard. There are affordable DIY decoration ideas for nursery that they can do themselves.

diy decoration ideas for nursery

The key to affordable and sweet decorations is being creative and having many ideas. Maximize the things that you have in the house and use it in the room. Decorating doesn’t always have to be expensive if you can think out of the box. So, what kind of DIY decoration ideas for nursery that you can apply in the house?

1. Story Book Frames

Every baby and child picture of almost anything colorful. Therefore, rather than having a book, print out short stories and frame them on the wall. By putting them on the wall, parents can tell them stories about the pictures. And the kids can look at the pictures directly without the parents holding on to them. 

2. Yarn Letters

Making names on the walls or doors of the nursery room is a cute idea to do. Rather than having to buy one, parents can make them themselves. Using a carton, make a letter from the carton. Adjust the size of the letters with the door and walls of the room. Then wrap the carton using yarns, mix the colors up to make it more attractive. 

3. Silhouettes Painting

If you are an artist or have the hand of an artist, then it is a must to draw something in the room. A simple thing you can do is draw a silhouette painting and frame it on the wall. Draw the number of people in the family and post it up to show the family members in the house. It is an easy painting that almost anyone can do for their nursery room. 

4. Punch Paper Arts

As for parents who aren’t much an artist can use the tool such as paper punch. One of the DIY decoration ideas for nursery room is posting paper punch ups. Choose colorful papers to punch out, therefore the result is also colorful and attractive to see. The cost of the paper punch is a bit pricey, but it can help create many things for the room. 

5. Nursery Lamp

Making a simple nursery lamp for the baby can also be a great idea for the room. Use an unused lamp in the house for the baby room. However, make sure the light is not too bright which will disturb the baby. Using some sticks, cover up the lamp with papers that show through. This will help the light to not be too bright for the baby. 

These easy DIY decoration ideas for nursery rooms are very affordable and easy to apply. Even those who don’t have the hand of an artist can make these ideas. Just make sure all of these things are made with safety and love.