List Of Best Design Theme For Kids Bedroom You Can Try

One of the ways to teach a kid to sleep on their own is by giving them their rooms. By giving them their room, they can learn how to sleep on their own be used too. However, to make them stay and comfort in the room, parents must also make the room comfortable and cozy enough. One of the ways to do this is by choosing the best design theme for kids bedroom. Or put toys or equipment that can make them play and want to stay there.

best design theme for kids bedroom

When choosing the best design theme for kids bedroom try to choose what your kids like. But also consider a long-lasting theme to apply in the room. Therefore, when your kids get bigger, the theme is still suitable for them and is not too childish. However, there is some cartoon that can last until at least your kids are playgroup or kindergarten. Here is some design theme that you can try for kids bedroom

1. Cartoon Theme

Usually, every kid has their favorite cartoon character that they like as a kid. Therefore, this can be an inspiration in the theme of the room. However, don’t make it all cartoon so it is not too full. For example, inside the room give to sides of the wall a cartoon wallpaper. As for the other two let it be plain neutral colors. Add some toys or other accessories of a cartoon so it will look funny.

2. Outdoor Park Theme

One of the best design theme for kids bedroom is an outdoor park theme. Parents can design the room as it is outdoor. They can paint trees, the sky and the sun on the walls and ceiling of the room. The colors are also very easy and neutral such as white, blue and green. Making this theme will be very fun for both the parents and kids.

3. Animal

All kids love animals, and this is why it is a great theme for the room. Try to see which animal your kids love the most and apply it to the room. If they don’t have a certain animal, then it is easier because you can draw any kind of animal. Choose big animals like elephants, giraffe, and monkey in the room and also put some toys. This kind of theme is great for kids until they grow up.

4. Soft Colors

Parents can also choose no cartoon or character for the room and choose a soft color theme. Soft colors is one of the most favorite themes that parents usually use for kids room. Blue, pink and grey are the most often colors people use because it is for both boys and girls. To make the room not to plain, parents can add pictures of clouds of airplanes adjusting the gender.

5. Princess Room

Most girls when they are small love princesses and castles. So, if you have a girl then try to apply this theme because they will surely love it. Give a bed with some princess accent and give the most pink color to the room. This kind of room is a room that all little girls will love.

These best design theme for kids bedroom are some of the most used ones. Parents can choose according to what their kids like and apply it to the room. Make sure your kids like them so they will feel comfortable inside.

Interior Decor for Apartments with Limited Space

Choosing a place for living is not as easy as you think, even though it is not for the long-term, the place must make you comfortable. No matter for having rest or working. If you want to live in the middle of the city, finding a house will be more difficult. Thus, many people finally decide to live in an apartment. In this article, you will find the interior decor for apartments that fits for limited space.

When you only have a small apartment or we can say a studio, you need to be creative. Think about efficiency in every room. Make sure each spot has a purpose or at least gives you a value. Also, don’t put so many things inside the room, unless you won’t move anywhere. To make your mind clearer, here are our tips about the interior decor for apartments as a small comfy place:

1. Sleeping Spot with Storage Compartment

The first thing to think in every living place is the bedroom. It is where you are as your real-self. So, even though your apartment is not very wide, you still can create your own space. Today many furniture designed for only a small spot. Surprisingly, the bed is combined with cabinets. It gives you advantages, one of them is making your room more efficient. No need many cupboards for your belongings.

2. Choose the Right Colour

Be careful when you are painting the wall. Several colours give a certain impression, such as white for lighter and wider, orange for warmer, and many more. As our suggestion, avoid the dark and warm colour because it potentially makes the room feel smaller. Also, the painting could be supported with the right lighting too. So, it is important to focus on colour.

3. Sliding Staircase

Some people play tricks for the interior design, for example, designing the bedroom above the living room. To make the room is more efficient, use a sliding staircase. This won’t spend your space. Contrarily, you will have a flexible room. If you want to save your budget more, choose the wooden staircase. It could be your interior theme at the same time.

4. Use the Entrance Door

Sometimes people forget to use the entrance door. They let this space as an empty part. In fact, if you maximize this part, you will have an extra functional room, such as a reading room, sitting area for friends, or even the bedroom. When you have a folding wall bed, the entrance door will be the best part to be your bedroom.

5. Install Mirror as a Trick

Besides the wall colour, you can play a trick by using a mirror too. This would make the room looks wider than you imagine before. Also, your guests won’t realize that you have limited space. The mirror will help you with its optical trick. Just pick the right design and put where you want to show as a wider spot.

Interior decor for apartments in small size is not hard. The key is you really understand what your concept, so you can explore more the accessories, furniture, and other elements. Once you pick the right stuff, then your small apartment will be the coziest place ever.

How to Decor Master Bedroom Becomes Your Cozy Spot

Bedroom is an important part of every house. It is the main section which people make before the other parts, like the kitchen, living room, or even bathroom. Usually, there is a master bedroom when the house has more than one bedroom. We can say that the master bedroom is the largest bedroom in the house. So, you have to know how to decor master bedroom to become the cozy part. It is important because the bedroom is where you release stress after spending the day at work.

The Principe of decorating a room is adjusting to your personality, moreover, it is a bedroom. Then, you should decide what the room is for. As we mentioned that a bedroom is a place for releasing stress, it must reflect yourself. The more suitable the room is, the more comfortable you are there. In this article, there are several tips about how to decor master bedroom. No need big effort and cost, as long as you really know what the final look will be.

1. Putting a Plant

Have you ever imagined putting a plant inside your bedroom? Well, it is worth to try. You will get many befits from the plant. Not only for the decoration, but the plant will also help you to produce more oxygen inside too. It is also fresh to see the green view while your body is tired. Choose the right plant and the suitable size. Adjust to how wide your room is.

2. Design the Ceiling

Not many people really concern about the ceiling. Some of them are focusing to the wall instead of this part. In fact, while you are lying your body, the ceiling is the spot you will see. So, make your ceiling is interesting to see, whether with the light or in the dark.

3. Use Pillows

Not more comfortable than having a bed full of pillows. Using plenty of pillows is very great to create a cozy environment. Everyone who comes into this room will surely want to lay down their bodies. It is up to you if you want to apply the same color or not. But within various sizes, the look will be more attractive.

4. Lounge Area

This could be a unique idea if you have a very wide master bedroom. Have a little spot in the corner as the lounge area. You can put two or three chairs and the table there. Or, create a design as you want. This area will be useful for talking or reading books spot.

5. Interesting Lighting

If you won’t some effort, then just play with the lighting. This way is the easiest way in how to decor master bedroom. Because from the lighting you can get a certain ambiance. When you change it, then the atmosphere will easily change too. There are options whether you choose the table lamp, wall lamp, or the other models.

So, how now, have you got the inspiration from how to decor master bedroom tips above? Don’t be a hurry because decorating is something you need to plan very well. The nuance will affect your mood, energy, even more, your thinking. You can discuss it with your partner if you are living together.

Kitchen Decor With Plants That Are Easy To Imitate

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. A place is a place for preparing food for families morning, noon and even night. So it’s not wrong to do a little decoration in this room. The following are some kinds of kitchen decor with plants to give a natural feel.

1. Bohemian Style

Bohemian is suitable for people who like chic and hippie styles. For this decoration, you can add tablecloths or rugs with unique Bohemian motifs. Try to use non-flashy paint colors like mustard or mint.

This style will be very suitable to be combined with living plants. You can do this by placing plants in pots at the top of the kitchen, near a window, on a table, even on the refrigerator. That way the kitchen will look chic but can still give a natural feel.

2. Greenhouse Style

kitchen decor with plants can further use the greenhouse design. Greenhouses are synonymous with plants so it is not wrong to use them as inspiration in decorating the kitchen. In this design will require a lot of windows, and also a variety of plants.

Use plants in pots as decorations either on the dining table, near the cupboard, or near the door. And more recommended as a white color in this type of kitchen to give the impression of a greenhouse filled with light.

3. Kitchen Connection with the Garden

Many people use this style because it is innovative and interesting to try. The garden will usually be made separate from the kitchen because the kitchen tends to be messy and dirty.

However, the existence of the park would give an aesthetic impression on the kitchen and make others interested in seeing it. This kitchen is made semi-outdoor with additional plant accents on pots that can be made above the walls of the room.

4. Landscape

Next to the kitchen decor with plants is a landscape style. This style will involve many plants that can be used as inspiration for this decoration. What is special about this style is that it has a landscape character that can be enjoyed by all human senses.

For this reason, plant elements will be needed to give a relaxing impression. Mix and match plants in certain places with other objects that have ethnic elements such as wood. That way the kitchen feel will be more soothing and pleasant.

5. Brick Wall

Integrating bricks with plants is a good combination. To decorate the kitchen with plants can be by adding a brick wall on one wall in the room. People will not run out of ideas to arrange plants in the room.

For example, you can put a flower pot on the wall and arrange it in such a way that is easy to see. Or you can also put a few small pots at the end of the kitchen table or window. And a jar with a fairly large plant in the corner of the room.

That was 5 examples of kitchen decor with plants that can be imitated. All of these styles can be chosen as a reference to decorate a mediocre kitchen to be extraordinary. Especially with this plant will add an elegant and cozy impression that makes women feel at home for long in the kitchen.

Stylish and Comfort Porch Floor Ideas

Choosing the right porch floor is important. Not only to secure people’s steps when it’s rainy but also to keep the space stylish and comfortable. The outdoor area might be exposed to the sun, rain, dust any many outdoor things. Therefore, people must choose the right material for a long-term safety porch floor. However, picking a suitable floor might be tricky for some people. But do not worry; there are some porch floor ideas to help out.

The outdoor floor does not only need to be strong but also easy to clean. It is the first area where people go in and out often, especially with their outdoor shoes. As the porch area as well, people want it to be good-looking for those who see. To help out people to choose the stylish yet comfortable material, here are some great porch floor ideas for homes:

1. The beautiful Ceramic and Porcelain

Ceramic and porcelain are the most popular flooring. Rather than using real wood or stone as the porch floor, people could choose this material. It is super easy to clean and to maintain. Moreover, it is more durable with other materials. There are many colors and types of ceramic and porcelain that people could mix and match for the flooring.

2. The classic Bricks

The next things for porch floor ideas are bricks. People could not only use bricks for the walls but also flooring as well. This material brings a lot of difference of looks, patterns and it is definitely unique. What people do not know about bricks is, it is the strongest material. As an addition, bricks are slip-resistant. Save and comfortable enough for outdoor uses.

3. The Green Artificial Grass

Another great idea is with using artificial grass! Grasses are lovely and stylish at the same time. The great thing about it is that people do not need to water them. However, some artificial grass might not be comfortable enough for pets and kids to snuggle around. But don’t worry. Some kinds of artificial grass are so soft and it does not attract any bugs.

4. The multi-propose Rubber Floors

Rubber floors are the most versatile floor ever, which also suits for porch floor ideas. There are several kinds of rubber floors people could use outdoor, such as pavers, playgrounds, and tiles. Rubber floors are not just comfortable to step on, but it is also a slip-resistant and easy to maintain. However, the age of rubber floors does not long last like other material floors.

5. The tough Concrete

Last but not least, the other material for floors is concrete. The installment and price of concrete are cheaper than the other materials. For maintenance, it is also easy and quick to do. As long as there no holes and damages in it, the concrete floor is a simple stylish choice.

As shown above, there are many kinds of porch floor ideas that people could choose. Overall, it depends on the budget and the personal preference. Therefore, choose the material that suits the best for the owner’s taste and the budget as well.