Make DIY Playthings for Toddlers at Home to Play & Have Fun

Toddlers are small kids that have big energy, active, and easy to get bored. Therefore, parents must be creative and think of ways on how to play with them even inside the house. Rather than buying the games or new toys, why not create some DIY playthings for toddlers at home.

These days, there are many DIY playthings ideas available online that parents can apply. Not only are they easy to apply but also educative and easy for the kids to play. Choose ideas that are easy and don’t need complicated materials. Here are some creative DIY playthings for toddlers at home parents can try:

1. Brush your Teeth Board

Teach toddlers the importance of brushing their teeth by making a brush your teeth board. You can use a reused board or any other paper that is a bit hard. Then on this board, draw or paint a picture of teeth and cover them with a plastic paper. Color the parts of the teeth with black markers and make your kids erase or brush them. This play board will teach your kids what will happen if they don’t brush their teeth.

2. Sensory Board

Make a sensory board for toddlers to increase their sensor touch. Make this playboard from a piece of wood or plywood then install small equipment on it. Use unused things inside your house like a telephone, clock, calculator, lamp, and many others. These small unused things can help toddlers increase their sensory touch.

3. Fishing Game

One of the DIY playthings for toddlers at home is a fishing game. Make a small fishing game by filling a small container with a small-medium size rubber. For the fishing rod, you can use a long straw and make the edge to catch the rubber as the fish. This game will teach toddlers to be detail and patient at the same time.

4. Put the Sticks In

 To increase toddler’s motoric skills, make a toy where the toddlers put things inside. All you will need is some ice cream sticks & can or jar. First, decorate the outside of the can by painting or covering it with a paper. Then, for the top part, make small holes as the size of the stick you will be using. You can also decorate and color the sticks to make them look more interesting.

5. Sticky Balloon / Ball

Another easy game to train toddlers sensory is playing sticky balloon. For this game, all you need is a wall, sticky tape, and balloon or ball. Stick the balloons on a wall where the toddlers can reach them. Then, provide a small place for them to put the balloons in. It is better to use a balloon as it will be harder for them to get.

So, with these simple games, parents can still have fun with their toddlers even though at home. Playing these DIY playthings for toddlers at home is not only affordable but practices their sensory and motoric skills. However, to make sure they play the game right, make sure to guide them throughout the game.

5 Ways To Make Tool Storage Ideas No Garage

Apparently, the garage can not only be used as a storage area but also can be used as a productive work area. If it’s like that, the sign the garage needs more storage to be neat. Here are 5 ideas for tool storage ideas no garage to make it look neat and clean.

1. A Multipurpose Bench In The Garage

The extra-long bench next to the garage door can be the right storage solution. Hooks, drawers and comfortable chairs can be a smart storage medium in the garage. Vehicle keys can be attached to the hook and other items can be store in a drawer under the seat. Own seat? It can be used to sit while waiting for the car to be heated.

2. Mezzanine Floor Becomes A Storage Area

The first thing to do so that the garage can be used properly is to remove all united items such as household appliances. Separate household goods from goods or tools for repair shops. The garage storage area certainly needs to be utilized with working tools that can be useful for building or repairing things. Safety in the workshop area is certainly also number one. Get rid of items that will endanger yourself. Facilitate the placement of goods and tools needed.

High garage ceilings can be used as additional space in a small garage. Consider the space as a storage area, as shown. Wooden stairs are used as a liaison between rooms.

3. Overhead Storage

If you are not ready to invest the time and money to build a platform above the garage, overhead storage is another alternative. Placing shelves right above the garage door can avoid a messy impression. Its location is difficult to reach, so use the rack only to store items that are rarely used.

4. Take Advantage Of Blank Walls

In managing a workshop, of course, the most important investment is in equipment. The price of equipment that is not cheap, of course, must always be in a safe and well-maintained state. Therefore, of course, high-quality storage is needed if necessary it can be a lock. Certainly, in the storage area, there will be a safety foam or hanging area so that the equipment is not just piled up.

You can also design a storage area in the garage wall to place tools that are frequently used and require access that is easy to retrieve and easily visible. Simple storage on the wall will facilitate your work. Retail stores often use walls as storage media. This intended to keep items from the floor, but still easy to reach. Bicycles become vehicles that you can pin on the wall. Thus, you can also apply to a shelf. Not only looks neat but it also looks artistic.

5. Built-In Cabinetry

This idea might require a large budget, but it’s worth considering if you have more funds. Cabinets along the wall to wall and floor to ceiling, making it easy to store all the tools neatly. This is the most expensive, but the most permanent way to keep the garage well organized.

The garage should be a place to park cars and other vehicles at home. However, because the room is quite large, many occupants ultimately make this room look like a warehouse. Not only cars and appliances are store in the garage, but there are also unuse items such as shoes, clothes, rusty bicycles, and many more.

As a result, goods accumulate without rules. You can fix it with use tool storage ideas no garage. Also, you can also mix with important items. The garage is a part of the house that also provides important functions and provides the interior aesthetics of the house. If not taken care of, this room can give a bad odor and dirty.

The Cheap And Best Landscape Design Ideas To Try at Home

Having an outdoor space at home is a great thing. It could be a place to relax, chill, and take rest. Moreover, it could also be the space where to spend with the beloved ones and even some friends as well. Designing the outdoor area could be fun as well. People could insert many elements in their garden. Starting from plants, water, lighting, and other outdoor stuff. There are many best landscape design ideas that people could sneak peek and try at home.

The great design would not only be beautiful and satisfying to see. But it would affect the nuance of the outdoor space as well. However, designing and creating space could spend a big amount of money. To save money, here are some cheap and best landscape design ideas that people could try.

1. The Minimalist Spot and Lighting

The first idea to design the outdoor area is by using a minimalist design. This means the accessories, the furniture, the plants, and everything is simple. People could use clean green grass with minimalist plants with less color. To complete the look, use the dominant color of white or wood. Remember also to add simple lighting to some of the spots. Avoid curves objects in the area to keep it simple and clean. It is a great design to relax and also chill.

2. The Contemporary Outdoor Space

The next cheap and best landscape design ideas are contemporary. This is a great alternative for any kind of house. Differently like the first one, with this style, the nuance seems to look bolder. People could use more outdoor woods and elements such as cement and gravels. As for the lighting, still keep it simple with a cool color. As for the additional items, people could add some monochrome furniture and seating. Moreover, people could add more of the green plants.

3. The Colorful Garden

Another idea that people could use is a colorful garden. With this idea, people should use many kinds of colorful plants. Especially for the beautiful and fragrant flowers. To create a great space, avoid using pots and plant it directly to the ground instead. Not only the plantings that are colorful, but also add some DIY items that are colorful as well. This idea would create a happy and playful space.

4. The Water Landscape

The other cheap and best landscape design ideas are with using water and pond. People would not need a big space, however, they could create a small space. Adding a water area to the landscape place is a great idea. Moreover, if there some fishes inside. It would make the area more fresh, calming, and relaxing.

5. The Eco-Friendly Design

Another idea for people to use is the eco-friendly design. The landscape area would be more of green plantings. Moreover, with this design, people would pay attention more to the items inside that are eco-friendly. Starting from the materials, the process, the effect, and so on. It is a great idea to involve taking care of the planet.

 So, those are the cheap and best landscape design ideas that people could try at home. Besides, it is beautiful it would also create different nuances as well. So what is your favorite one?

Centerpiece Ideas For Kitchen Island To Make It Looks Nicer

Although plain kitchen island is good, it’s still better to add a centerpiece. Not only it will make your kitchen island looks more artistic but it can also make other people fall in love with your kitchen island. Choosing a centerpiece for your kitchen island isn’t easy work. However, it’s not hard either. You just need a suitable centerpiece for it. And if you don’t know what to do, just look at centerpiece ideas for kitchen island.

1. Floral and Fruits in One Place

If you’re looking for centerpiece ideas for kitchen island, this may capture your heart. You can arrange a vase made from glass and fill it with flowers and fruits. White flowers will look good in the transparent vase moreover if your kitchen island has contrast color.

As for the fruits, you can use lemons to fill half of the vase and the remaining spaces will be filled with the flowers. To make it more beautiful, you can add another plate that you fill with various fruits before.

2. Alive Flower on The Tray

A simple centerpiece is the best for a simple kitchen island. Even so, with simplicity, you can still make the kitchen looks grand. Alive flowers will do the best for a simple centerpiece. Of course, you can’t put an alive flower as it is. First, you need to put it in the glass that has a medium to big size and fill it with water. With this, the flower won’t wither for a while. After that use a tray as a base for the glass. That’s all you need for a simple centerpiece.

3. A Castle of Flowers and Plants

There are many ways to decorate your kitchen island. Using a centerpiece is one of them. You can make a grand centerpiece with a stacking tray. How you make it? It’s very easy. What you need is some pots with various sizes. And then fill those pots with flowers or plants. Pay attention to the color of the flowers to balance the plants. And finally, arrange the pots on the stacking tray.

4. Bubble Wrap Floating Flower

Flowers are the items that often used as a centerpiece. You can use the flowers in many ways, and one of them is to put them in bubble wrap. A transparent bubble wrap is the best to optimize the beauty of your flowers. Don’t forget to fill it with the water so the flowers will float on it. For this kind of centerpiece what you need is just the flowers, so you can get rid of the leaves and stalk.

5. Glass of Candles

A centerpiece doesn’t always need flowers. You can also use candles as a centerpiece. It’s easy and you don’t need a lot of time to make it. What you need to do is just put the candlesticks in the vase or glass. Fill half of the glass with some beans. Then, arrange it on the kitchen island.

When your kitchen island looks nice and grand, you will feel nice too. And with these centerpiece ideas for kitchen island, you can fulfill a gorgeous and elegant kitchen island that can make the others envy.

Old Door Upcycle Ideas That Are Easy To Make

Upcycling an old or unused object in the house can be a fun project to do. Because you can get a new decoration in the house without spending a lot of money. One of the unused objects in the house that you can use is an old door. Usually, people will just get rid of old wood doors that can’t be functioned anymore. However, there are many old door upcycle ideas that you can make from them. So, if you have one at home, keep it and see what you can make it from it.

An old door may seem like a scrap and garbage to some people. However, if you can think a bit creative you can make something new from the door. In fact, with just a door you can get a table, hanger and even decoration for the house. All you need to do is upcycle, redesign and remake it. So, what other things can you make from an old door? Well, check out this old door upcycle ideas that you can make on your own:

1. Rusty Desk

Believe it or not, but from a door, you can make your rusty table for your family room. Whether you like a long or small table, you can still make them from old doors. If you are planning to have a long table, then use the door as the top of the table. Then the bottom part can be supported with small woods to make it stand. Or if you want a smaller kind of table, cut the woods into small pieces and adjust it with the size of the room. Then assemble them to make a square and be a table.

2. Hanging Table

Another way to function an old door is by making it as a hanging-table. You can put this table in your backyard while playing with your friends. Make a hole in the edge of the door and put in a rope in each hole. Then hang them on the ceiling to make the door hanging and use it as a table. If you want to make this idea, make sure that your ceiling is not too high.

3. Hanger for Keys – Jackets

Make your creative hanger from an old door inside your house. Rather than buying a hanger for your coats and key, use an old door as the base. Put some nails or hanging accessories on each side of the door. Don’t forget to cut the door as the size of the hanger that will fit your house. To make the hanger a bit more interesting add some paintings on it.

4. A place for your Plants

If you find a difficult time in placing your plants, then use an old door as the hanger. All you need is an old door, nails, and wires to hold the plants. Cut the door into square shapes a put them against your wall or fence. Then put the nails in the middle of the door so that you can put enough plants inside. Then wire the pots and plants on the nails.

5. Home-made Shelve

One of the old door upcycle ideas that you can try making is a homemade shelve. If you have a long door, then cut the door into two, but make it long. Then connect these two parts in a v shape, so each edge should meet each other. Then for the shelves, you can put up some unused woods from the bottom to the top.

These old door upcycle ideas are simple to make and they are useful for the house. They can also be a decoration for the house, especially if you like rusty designs. So, if you have something rusty in the house don’t throw it but try to make something new from it.

Brilliant Kitchen Hack For Cleaning Microwave In A Short Time

Microwave is sure one of the many tools people mostly use for their daily needs in the kitchen. By using it every day, the inside of the microwave should also be cleaned every day. However, this seems quite hard and taking too much time for some people. Therefore, rather than having to clean it all the time, you can try some brilliant kitchen hack for cleaning microwave. These hacks will only take a few minutes, but your microwave can become clean and shiny within just minutes. 

kitchen hack for cleaning microwave

Cleaning the microwave can be a hard task especially if the mess is dry and leaves a trace. Usually, people will have to scrub over to make sure that the mess is gone. However, with some brilliant hacks, you don’t need to scrub many times to clean the mess. So, try a kitchen hack for cleaning microwave in your kitchen:

1. Window Cleaner

For those who have window cleaner at home, spray a bit of it on a towel. Usually, these kinds of cleansers can help clean the microwave in a very quick time. Just make sure after using this, you clean the inside of the microwave again using hot water so it safe to use. 

2. Lemon

The first way you can get rid of the grease, oil and the smell inside the microwave is using lemon. All you need to do is squeeze some parts of the lemon into a bowl. Make sure the bowl is a microwave-safe bowl because you will be putting it inside later. Next, mix the lemon with one teaspoon of water. Put the bowl in the microwave in high power for one minute. The water will splash around the microwave and this is the process where it will get rid of the mess. 

3. Baking Soda

If some food spills on the floor of your microwave for days, then clean it up with baking soda. Mix a small amount of baking soda (depending on the amount you want to clean) with some water. Then paste the baking soda on to the microwave where you want to clean it up. Let the baking soda cover the mess overnight/ the next day. Then scrub the baking soda with a wet sponge to clear all the mess. 

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the brilliant kitchen hack for cleaning microwave that you should try is using apple vinegar. This ingredient can help clean up dried grease and left-over foods from your microwave. Mix the vinegar with one tbsp of sugar without any water. Then spread it on the stain and leave it for around 15 minutes. The stain will loosen up and be easily removed with a tissue or wet sponge. 

5. Salt

If some liquid spills on the microwave plate and making a trace on it, then use some salt. Mix the salt with very little water and spray it on the plate. However, make sure to spray on the plate when it is not hot or you can burn yourself. After spraying it, you can easily wipe it off using a tissue. This hack can also be done for stovetop, so go give it a try. 

Microwave is usually using to heat up and cook food, therefore it is best to use non-chemical ingredients. Therefore, even if we leave some lefts up it will still be safe if it gets mixed in the food. So, it is better to choose the kitchen hack for cleaning microwave that uses food ingredients because of it safer. 

Don’t Save Online Casino Passwords

Some slot online players accept that guaranteeing security of their records is the sole obligation of the online gambling club. In any case, the players themselves have a similarly significant task to carry out. One duty that is essential for players is the way they handle their passwords.

Passwords are utilized in applications that permit approved people just to utilize a segment of the application. A secret phrase enables you to get to your record with the online gambling club while keeping others from doing as such. Players who bet irregularly for the duration of the day can think that its irritating to enter their secret key each time they need to get to their record. In this manner some web based gaming programming suppliers have presented a discretionary component by which the secret phrase of the player is spared in the framework and he need not enter it inevitably. A little tick enclose is given the sign in page. Players who need their secret word spared are required to check the tick box while entering the secret key just because. From that point they need not rehash this. Players who might like to enter their secret word each time are required to leave the tick box clear. Microgaming, Wizard Gaming and Vegas Technology give this discretionary office. Continuous Gaming and Cryptologic don’t give this choice to their individuals.

Because this office is given it doesn’t imply that it ought to be utilized. It provides a small piece of comfort, however it likewise opens the entryway to unapproved section to your record. Anybody getting to the online club from your PC is probably going to be naturally signed in. This may not seem disturbing in light of the fact that nobody else may ever be utilizing your PC. Be that as it may, in the event that somebody does, at that point he can get to your record at the online club and bet for your benefit. It is additionally possible that somebody knowing your sign in false name can enter it on his PC and access your record without entering the secret key since it is now spared. Most Internet clients will in general have a typical sign in false name over applications, some of which show the sign in nom de plume in the open area. Consequently checking the secret phrase can be a hazardous suggestion.

So what can happen an unapproved individual gets to your online gambling club account. He can play with your cash and lose it. He may even prevail with regards to pulling back the parity. Whichever way the net outcome is that you will discover no assets in your record when you next access the gambling club.

Consequently the upside of checking the spare secret word box is negligible and the hazard is colossal. Thusly kindly don’t spare your secret key. There are two other related safety measures that should be taken. One is that you ought to recollect to logout each time you get done with playing. Not logging out is more regrettable than sparing your secret word. The second is don’t utilize a similar sign in nom de plume and secret key that you use in less secure locales like person to person communication destinations. Utilize one of a kind passwords for locales where your assets are put.

Affordable DIY Decoration Ideas For Nursery Rooms

Decorating the house is always fun and interesting to do. However, decorating and searching for ideas for a nursery is even more fun and challenging at the same time. A nursery room is a room where the baby will be staying and spending most f its time. Therefore, it is sure that all parents will want the best decoration for their nursery. However, parents do not need to worry because it is not always expensive and hard. There are affordable DIY decoration ideas for nursery that they can do themselves.

diy decoration ideas for nursery

The key to affordable and sweet decorations is being creative and having many ideas. Maximize the things that you have in the house and use it in the room. Decorating doesn’t always have to be expensive if you can think out of the box. So, what kind of DIY decoration ideas for nursery that you can apply in the house?

1. Story Book Frames

Every baby and child picture of almost anything colorful. Therefore, rather than having a book, print out short stories and frame them on the wall. By putting them on the wall, parents can tell them stories about the pictures. And the kids can look at the pictures directly without the parents holding on to them. 

2. Yarn Letters

Making names on the walls or doors of the nursery room is a cute idea to do. Rather than having to buy one, parents can make them themselves. Using a carton, make a letter from the carton. Adjust the size of the letters with the door and walls of the room. Then wrap the carton using yarns, mix the colors up to make it more attractive. 

3. Silhouettes Painting

If you are an artist or have the hand of an artist, then it is a must to draw something in the room. A simple thing you can do is draw a silhouette painting and frame it on the wall. Draw the number of people in the family and post it up to show the family members in the house. It is an easy painting that almost anyone can do for their nursery room. 

4. Punch Paper Arts

As for parents who aren’t much an artist can use the tool such as paper punch. One of the DIY decoration ideas for nursery room is posting paper punch ups. Choose colorful papers to punch out, therefore the result is also colorful and attractive to see. The cost of the paper punch is a bit pricey, but it can help create many things for the room. 

5. Nursery Lamp

Making a simple nursery lamp for the baby can also be a great idea for the room. Use an unused lamp in the house for the baby room. However, make sure the light is not too bright which will disturb the baby. Using some sticks, cover up the lamp with papers that show through. This will help the light to not be too bright for the baby. 

These easy DIY decoration ideas for nursery rooms are very affordable and easy to apply. Even those who don’t have the hand of an artist can make these ideas. Just make sure all of these things are made with safety and love. 

Half Bath Design Ideas For Your Unique Bathroom

When you are planning to build a house, don’t forget to make at least one a half bathroom. It is a room that similarly to a bathroom, but without a bathtub or shower. Only a sink and toilet inside, even some people add more items, such as a small compartment, decorative lamp, and many more. That is why, if you ask the property marketer, a half bath design could increase the value of the house. Do you want to try to make one? Read this article because there are half bath design ideas that can improve your living space.

Half bath design ideas

Actually, there is no strict size for the half bathroom. But many homeowners set 15 inches from the toilet to the nearest wall. However, you can adjust based on the size of objects inside and how many things you put too. Besides the toilet and the sink, you need to think about the door too. If the door opens into the room, it will bother someone to enter. But it results in the same thing while the door opens to the opposite side. Thus, sometimes a pocket door is the solution, even though you must do several efforts. See the half bath design ideas below as your plan inspiration:

1. Use Wallpaper for the Wall

There is nothing more powerful in a simple way than using the wallpaper. Choose the design that fits with your life breathe. But, remember, because the half bathroom is a small room, you must consider several designs. The right pattern will transform this room into a lovely spot. Also, choose the water-resistant wallpaper to overcome the water splashing.

2. Choose a Stunning Tile

We know that tile is an issue in building a house. It is one of the cost factors. But, since this room is not really big, why don’t you make a stand out one? You can choose a graphic pattern or unique color and look for this. Install from the floor to the ceiling. If your budget is tight, use the less costly tile for the floor.

3. Don’t Put an Ordinary Mirror

The other thing that might this room great is the mirror. We don’t suggest you use the ordinary mirror, because a mirror is a thing that catches people’s attention. Today there are lots of unique mirror frames. It would be more interesting if you combine with the artistic lamp beside it.

4. Install the Functional Lighting

Continue from the previous number is talking about lighting. Lighting is not important for the convenience, but also for the whole ambiance. A pendant lighting is good to welcome someone in warm. But try to combine it with a brighter and cooler light. This is a good idea to make a certain mood inside.

5. Set Visual Interest

Make the room feel fresher or more modern by putting some interest, such as pictures, a vase of plant, or anything. You can go with the symmetrical look, for example, put the hanging lamp on both sides. Or, you can also try to hang a painting on one wall. When you do this, adjust the accessories with the room theme.

A half bathroom is not only a toilet. If you explore the use of it, this room gives multiple benefits. Hopefully, the half bath design ideas above can ease your plan, so you have a unique spot inside your house.

Kitchen Lamp Design Idea for Modern Design

For some people, the kitchen is an important part of the house. It is as essential as the bedroom. Here you can spend time on your creativity. If you are typically a person like this, then you should concern to room’s element. One of the points is the lighting. Besides it plays a role in your eyes, the lighting can give a certain impression. Thus, you might need this article because we want to discuss the kitchen lamp design idea to make a modern look.

The reason why we choose a modern look because you can enhance the existing design. You don’t need to do the grand renovation. Just a little touch in several details, then everything will be more delightful. Because playing with lighting is like a trick. Also, modern design doesn’t require a wide area. If you only have a small kitchen, you are able to do the same thing. Check what we have below about kitchen lamp design idea for your inspiration:

1. Ceiling Light

This lighting is usually installed in the living room. But if you want to try a different thing, why don’t you just put it in the kitchen? Moreover, this lighting idea is budget-friendly. When the light bulbs pointing in several different spots, you are lighting almost the whole area. Your kitchen will be upgraded to a modern look with a minimalism sensation.

2. Under the Cabinet

The real tricky idea is placing a light under the cabinet. Today there are many styles for this lighting design. If you want to apply it, but the light in the front cabinet. We don’t recommend you install on the part which against the wall. A dimmer is also good, so you can get depth and dramatize the effect. This idea helps you to save energy too.

3. Black Pendant

A modern style sometimes is shown by a simple concept. Thus, black is often used to picture it. The black pendant light is not only suitable for a farmhouse kitchen, if you want to design a modern look will be okay too. You might need a professional hand to install the lamps. Because you need to make sure that the length and the position are right and equal among the lamps.

4. Hanging Bulbs

The other way which is budget-friendly for a modern look is by changing the bulbs. This is also the solution when you want to update the look whenever you want. You just need to hang the bulbs from cords, then wrapped it across the pole. The final look will be a modern industrial touch. Surprisingly, it is easy to do even without professional help.

5. Reclaimed Light Design

Do you want several looks at the same time? Then, do this design, so you can have a modern look and vintage kitchen at one. Find the reclaimed pieces that can be changed into the lights. If there is nothing to use around, go to the flea market or DIY store. There are a lot of things there which help you to make this idea comes true.

If you want to know more about how lighting is very important, then psychology says it can influence your mood. That is why you should try at least one of the kitchen lamp design ideas above. Make your spot and serve your masterpiece to beloved family and friends.